CFS Diplomate Training Requirements


CFS Diplomate Training Requirements

Online learning is the way of the future and is rapidly becoming the educational delivery of choice. For this reason the CFS has chosen the University of Bridgeport (UBCC), Chiropractic Development International (CDI) and ChiroCredit to deliver the online learning components of the CFS training program.

Almost all of the CFS training requirements are offered through web-based distance learning. Each category and the recommended minimum number of hours are noted below. Credit for each category is obtained by completing the minimum number of hours online from the University of Bridgeport or obtaining transcriptable credits from any institution having status with an accredited agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or program acceptable to the American Board of Forensic Professionals (ABFP). Any postgraduate course being used to meet these requirements is subject to approval and must be verified in writing by the ABFP.

The current requirements after January 01, 2016 are:

PART II – FORENSICS(100 hours)

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The University of Bridgeport has incorporated an extensive web-based curriculum (CDI) which fulfills the didactic Part I core requirements. To satisfy the core requirements you have to complete 200 hours of the formal forensic online learning activities. You can complete them in any order that you like, based upon your clinical interest and available time.

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The CFS, in conjunction with University of Bridgeport and ChiroCredit, has developed an online curriculum which fulfills the didactic Part II forensics requirements. To satisfy the forensic requirements you have to complete 100 hours (80 hours if you have successfully passed an ABFP International Impairment Rating Examination) of the forensic diplomate online learning activities.

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Session Description Hours Program
18 Forensic Science – Introduction and State of the Art 20 Diplomate Forensic Science 101-105
19 Law for the Forensic Examiner 20 Diplomate Forensic Science 106-110
20 Explaining and Understanding Science 20 TBA
21 Independent Medical Evaluation 20 TBA
22 Impairment Rating and Disability Determination for the Forensic ExaminerSuccessfully pass the ABFP International Impairment Rating (edition (4th, 5th or 6th) specific to your practice state) Examination. Click here for details. 20 TBA
23 Effective Techniques for the Forensic Examiner 20 TBA

**Instructors for the Forensic Chiropractic Program must be approved by the ABFP (Minimum Total Hours: 100)

PART III – WRITTEN & ORAL EXAMINATION (Forensic specific only)

For information and/or an examination application contact the ABFP chairperson:

S. Steven Baker, DC, DABFP
1615 N. Wilmot Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85712
520.323.9102 fax

A candidate may sit for the written & oral examination after completing Part II but will not be certified as a DABFP until all 3 Parts listed above are completed and confirmed in writing.